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About Us

Novare Cyber Solutions LLC is an innovation-based cybersecurity consulting firm conveniently located in Baltimore, MD. We provide engineering support services for critical infrastructures by providing innovative solutions. We have in-depth knowledge and experience with the DoD that meets the capability and security.

Our Expertise

With a strategic location in Baltimore, Maryland, we provide critical engineering support services for the protection of vital infrastructures. Backed by a wealth of experience and a profound understanding of the Critical Infrastructures, we tailor our solutions to perfectly match the capability and security needs of our clients.


We provide full-scale engineering and technical solutions for the most complex environments to ensure interoperability and operational success.


We defend and protect critical infrastructures by providing in depth information assurance, vulnerability analysis, and threat analysis.

Information Technology Management

We offer comprehensive IT management services, ensuring the efficient operation of your technology while maintaining the highest level of security.

Let’s Secure Your Future

Get Started with NOVARE Cyber Solutions today, and together, we’ll build a resilient digital future fortified by innovation and security.

Exploring Cybersecurity Insights

Welcome to our blog, where we dive into the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity. Stay informed and empowered with our latest articles, as we explore cybersecurity trends, best practices, and the power of innovation in safeguarding your digital assets. Discover how NOVARE Cyber Solutions can help secure your digital future through expert insights and proactive strategies.

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